Author: Jilligan
•11:34 PM
Why did I agree to pizza? Why didn't I stop to buy tums? I wasn't really craving anything for carb up day but thought I better eat something. We went to Red Lobster for lunch and I decided to have one, yes only one, roll. Then tonight we went to Pizza Hut. The hubby and I shared a taco pizza. I was worried about the tomato sauce on regular pizza. Of course, my daughter wanted the pizza we got so I ended up trading a piece with her. I also had a chocolate rice krispy treat that a lady from work made for me. My carb count was really high for the day but my calorie count wasn't very bad. I know we aren't supposed to be tracking numbers but I am OCD about it.

I had a dr.'s appt. this morning. She was so impressed with my weight loss. My blood pressure was down also. My body fat wasn't hadn't changed as much as I had thought based on my scale but I know that water, timing, and food, etc... can make a difference on fat % scales. I called my husband to tell him how proud the doctor was of me and he was so glad to hear I had a good report from the dr. It's the first good one in a while.

I also got a nap in today which is all important. Oh, that was one thing the dr. said I needed more of, sleep! Yah for her. Can I get a note saying that?

The family all went for a walk. We even took the dogs. The kids and the dogs wanted to run. I was a little nervous for "broken arm girl" to run but she told us she was only running slowly. We did take the jogging stroller from **** but thanks to Bubby we now have a normal jogging stroller. Seems one wheel was bent, duh, no wonder it pulled to the right.

Jo gave me some hope with the crack slaw recipe. I am so proud that she joined me in the WOE. It is great to know I have some support and help along the way. I am sorry Marble Slab made you sick. Remember the cinnabon days of BFL? I still can't stand the smell.
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On August 26, 2008 at 10:52 AM , Jodie said...

Maybe the doctor could write you a note for work. "Please let Jill sleep in the afternoon, she is tired."