Author: Jilligan
•8:10 AM
I thought I better write something this morning so Jo didn't harass me about falling off the blog wagon.

I don't know what happened this week but I haven't lost much. I am down 3 more inches and up a little on weight. I did analyze my calories and realized I wasn't having nearly enough. I am really bad about taking enough for work. Most of you probably don't understand but the town I work in has two restuarants, 2 convenience stores, sort of grocery store and the lunchroom cafeteria. I had a very busy week and didn't have time to stop for lunch so I just ate at my desk. I will plan better this week.

I did reward myself yesterday. I bought myself (and the hubby) a used playstation. He got a couple of games but I got Dance Dance Revolution. I thought it would be great exercise. It was taken over by someone(??) and I never got to dance again last night. It has a workout component and helps to track calories burned so I will have to figure out how many songs to dance through to get a good workout.

I so feel Jo's bra pain. I am on the last latch on mine and don't want to buy more until I really need them. (Like now!) I am going to have to buy some more pants 'cause yesterday at youth football I was almost the half time show!

House update: We got an offer on the house and accepted it. We need to recarpet/tile 3 rooms immediately so if anyone wants to take a working vacation...hint...we would love to visit/work with you.

Keep up the WOE.
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On September 1, 2008 at 9:15 PM , Jodie said...

Yay on the offer...I mentioned the workation to Bry, he laughed and said Lowe's does carpet installation.

As for the food at work, I feel your pain, I'd be eating the cafeteria food every day, think you could sneak me a few trays?

I CAN'T believe you got Dance Dance Revolution! I've wanted that forever! Are the kids loving it? Mom'll prolly break her new knee trying it out.

Please get clothes that fit! I don't want to hear about you flashing the town on channel six!