Author: Jilligan
•8:40 PM
Tomorrow will finish up the first week of accelerated fat loss. I have lost 5 more pounds but today was a carb up day so no telling what the scale will show tomorrow. I will take my measurements again tomorrow. I am almost to the point Jojo was and hope to move the doctor's office scale lower and then I will start to work on the next 50.

I always thought I hated water but I am doing pretty good drinking each day. Of course when you replace the 12 dt. dr. peppers I was having a day, you have to fill up with some liquid. I still haven't had crystal light because it used to give me a headache. I may get sick of plain water and try it but not just yet.

I couldn't think of anything I was craving today. I did have chips and hot sauce but couldn't think of much else. I had wanted wings but my son was feeling up to eating after he had a tooth pulled at the dentist. I thought we could get ice-cream but he told me he wasn't supposed to have anything cold for a few hours so that was out also. Guess I will just hold off any cravings until next time.

For those of you out there trying this WOE, make sure you are giving it a chance. Stick to the plans, stick to the food choices, plan your meals, drink your water, and eat. Just one or two things done wrong will sabotage the whole plan. Make a decision and stick with it. Keep your self promises and quit lying to yourself.
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On August 27, 2008 at 9:53 PM , Swimfan13 said...

I look forward to your updates. You are doing a great job with the WOE!