Author: Jilligan
•6:32 PM
We are making progress, me, myself, and I. Today I have taken steps again to move in the right direction. I had a few rough days there but I am going again. Actually, I just had a few rough afternoons. I made my plan last week and I am going to stick to it. I packed my food today. I drank my water. I walked the walk.

The kids started school today so lots of changes for everyone. My oldest went to high school, the middle child started jr. high, and the youngest is a 1st grader. After school, I talked to the 6th grader first. He loved school. He loves his teachers. He had a great day. My fish was indifferent. He made some girls mad at lunch with his buddies and they got their lunches dumped on them. He didn't seem too angry about it, thank goodness. My first grader is in bed already! Not sure if it will be a nap or if she will sleep all night. Apparently school is hard work when you are in the 1st grade. She loves school so I am not at all worried about her.

Better get off the computer and make some dinner. Also need to finish my other 2 miles still. I can do this, hang in there with me (myself and I).
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