Author: Jilligan
•5:06 PM

Sunday dinner with my family always means lots of food and a wonderful dessert. Today was no exception but I had to look at the meal differently to fit my WOE.  I had roast without gravy, skipped potatoes because my carb was going to be a homeade roll, salad w/o dressing, green beans, and asparagus. I did without the "fruit" salad, the potato, the cauliflower salad, and the most difficult: dessert. It was a peanut butter pie which goes great with coffee. It wasn't the hardest decision like it would have been with cobbler or Sunday pie. I just told myself today wasn't the last chance ever that I would get to have peanut butter pie. And just because I couldn't have it today didn't mean I would never get it again. It's just that right now, today, it wasn't what my body needed.

I didn't walk away hungry and I didn't walk away wanting more. I walked away satisfied that I had given my body what it needed. I made good choices today. I am walking in the right direction.

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