Author: Jilligan
•9:35 AM
Today could be a bad day. I lost it when I got on the scale and not in the way I wanted. I lost it when I had to get dressed and nothing fit. I literally have two pairs of pants that I can wear to work. This day will be a test. This day could be a failure. This day could be a step in the wrong direction. But so far, I have decided to continue to work my plan. I have decided to stay on track even if I am standing still. I have decided to pass this test. For now. The day is young and the bad thoughts are coming out.

I have a can't reach that goal.
It's 4 months are already behind.
I can lose 8 pounds a month...yes, but you gained this morning.
I love grits...whatever.
I will give up dt. your dreams.
I can drink more hate water.
I can exercise more...your knees and feet hurt.

Etc...and it continues.
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On August 31, 2010 at 9:47 AM , Jodie said...

Just make it til noon. Then just make it til 3, then til 6, and then pretty soon, the day will be over and you can come back and blog that you were successful for one more day.

Just takes today. DYB.