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I only know two ways to go about this, either nothing at all, which as been my approach for the last several months, or all out, compulsive. I am back to compulsive. It's one of my quirks. I have many but that's another blog entry.

Confessions: I have gained 23 pounds in my time off. My joints hurt constantly. My sleep is erratic. My moods are extreme. My health is poor. My diet is that of a phone commercial, limited during the week but when the weekends get it, it's all free. Stress has ruled my life for months. Kids, money, job, did I mention the kids? But these are all excuses. I have chosen poorly when deciding to deal with my stress. No, I don't have it as bad as others but I am dealing with some stuff I wish I wasn't. My kids are dealing with things I wish they weren't having to deal with. I could go on and on.

Regardless, I have been working on a plan for a few days. That's my compulsive nature. I like to I don't always start those plans and I don't always stick to them but man oh man, when I do, I am spot on.

I think I will stick to a plan for a while. I don't like where I am. I know the weight by itself isn't what is making me unhappy but I know it hurts to use my body, mentally and physically, as a coping mechanism for life. Now, some might say this plan of mine is the opposite extreme. Well, I can either make time to regain my health or I can continue to make time to lose it. Which extreme would you like me to go to? I only know two ways.

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On December 12, 2012 at 12:12 AM , Mel said...

Glad to see you back! Missed reading your updates.