Author: Jilligan
•3:07 PM
Looking back on all my calendars and my plans, I see that I had things pretty well mapped out for a while. But the documentation is lacking because the activity stopped. Where did the time and the motivation go? Did I tackle too much? Was it too hard? Was it out of my reach? I don't know.

Already this time, I was so sore I agreed to skip a day justifying that I would just move my rest days and it would be fine. Then I had a late night with extended family. Then another excuse. So now I have missed three days in a row, only one of them should have been a rest day. Three days...where did the time go?

I will start over tonight after basketball games and school projects, baking for Christmas parties and wrapping friends gifts. Where does the time go? I don't know but I have to find it and I have to use it for myself.

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