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•6:37 AM
This morning's workout could have been a flop. My workout partner wouldn't get up. It was cold. My DVD cable was missing. My DVD remote was no where to be found. My IPOD???? But I also had to get a run in and thankfully I have a nice treadmill. So after giving up on Insanity for the morning I decided to hop on the treadmill. I changed shoes and socks and headed to the garage. It's about as cold in there as it is outside but there is no wind and it isn't dark so it's perfect.

I didn't have any music this morning because my kids have been messing with my stuff over Christmas break! I decided to see what I had left on my phone. Due to some crazy rules at Verizon, we lost our unlimited data when we had one of the boys phones shut off. Our parenting choice of grounding our child from his phone has been very costly. But I digress. Due to this unfortunate punishment from Verizon, I can no longer enjoy Pandora without using up all my data. So my music for my run was very interesting. I had a few ringtones, a little spanish lesson, a children's mix of multiplication and spelling words, some Kleinwood songs, and a sock hop album. I really need to get some touchscreen gloves because it was easier to listen to whatever songs came on than to take my cotton gloves off to change it. See, all signs pointing to a flop.

But I didn't let it get to me. I just sang along, worked on my spanish and my multiplication, practiced spelling my colors, and be bopped a louied(sp?). I got my HIIT workout in. I got two miles done on my treadmill. Wasn't ideal but I did it. And now I can sit and enjoy my coffee feeling good about what I did for myself this morning.

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