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•6:47 AM
The month is going great so far. I have been getting my workout in early. My meals are good and my stomach is cooperating. I haven't had an attack in quite some time. I tried a food that's supposed to be a trigger for my self diagnosed disease. Brussels sprouts, who would have thought? So far so good. The only symptom of any kind that I might have had was just a shaky feeling about 2 hours after lunch. I don't think it was related to my stomach. It felt more like low blood sugar. I ate my afternoon snack a little early to see if it helped. The feelings went away after about 30 minutes. Not sure what it was. Maybe I didn't have enough protein yesterday. Who knows?

But other than that I have been feeling pretty good. My arms are sore from lifting weights. My legs are not being pushed as hard with the weights because I am also running. My knees are feeling good. My lungs are coming along. I love it. It makes me feel so good to accomplish my workouts in the mornings. I feel ready to attack the day.

Update on the 21 day no complaint challenge. I was doing good. Had several days under my belt but I had to move my bracelet yesterday because I was dealing with my son's college classes again. I felt like I was in Kindergarten and having to move my color down. So 21 days started over again yesterday. All I can say is that one complaint in the last 3 days is a huge accomplishment for me. It's not 21 days but it's huge.

Meetings all day today and tomorrow so let's hope the bracelet stays put.

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