Author: Jilligan
•9:04 PM
Aside from having a birthday this week, my oldest son started playing 7th grade football. They had their first game tonight. Overall they played well, a little timid, but okay. They lost but Trevor almost saved the game by running the ball to less than 1/2 yard to the goal line. I think once they get the nerves worked out they will be good. There are lots of great athletes in his grade so they should be fun to watch.

My sister is heading back home after waiting out the hurricane with family. I think they are ready to be back but don't want to waste valuable resources that others need. She had to return to work Monday even though their daycare is without electricity and my brother-in-law's office building is without a roof. It has been fun to have them here, especially since Jo is crack-a-lackin'.

Speaking of crackin', I had red velvet cake last night for my birthday. I instantly got a headache, felt dizzy, and couldn't finish my piece. Strange but in a good way.

I am carb depleting for 4 days now and starting back again. I hope I have as much success the second time around. Doctor's appt. is tomorrow so I am hoping for a good blood test.

I have on my running clothes so I can get my run in tonight. I have a new running plan set up. I plan to take Wednesdays and Friday or Sunday off. I love the feeling of being on the roads when everyone else is asleep or settling in for the night. Since we ran in the cold so much 2 years ago, I have great cold weather gear and can't wait for it to get here. Although I wouldn't mind if the cold waited until after football is over!

Time for baths and bed. Stay safe everyone.
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