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•12:49 PM
I thought I had posted on my blog a few days ago but can't seem to find it anywhere. Guess I did something wrong...still getting used to this.

As for crackin...I haven't lost anymore weight. I got a new scale to help track body fat and hydration. When I went to have my blood test done, they told me I was dehydrated. What? I have been drinking 100 ounces of water a day. Of course, it feels like I have been peeing out 200 ounces so there you go.

I have today off from work. I could so be a stay at home mom. I ran some errands, took some stuff by the school (twice), got my prescriptions, and then came home and ran. Kallie heard I had the day off so she wanted to stay with me. She went running with me again. We are doing the Couch to 5K. We made it 1.5 miles today. We took one of the dogs so our progress was held up a little bit. But after my stalker incident from this summer, I decided to take a dog with me every time. Kallie got pretty whiny towards the end and I told her I was sure someone would turn me in to the cops if she didn't quit whining. When the house is in sight, she starts skipping and high kicking while singing or cheering so I don't think she is as bad as she says. The dog we took likes her to carry him like a baby so he kept putting his front paws up to her and begging her to carry him. They were pitiful. Now they are both almost asleep. What, you get a nap if you are a stay at home mom? Where do I sign up and how do I support the family without income?

Since I have done so good on the WOE, I treated myself to a new pair of running shoes. Once you fall in love with a pair you try to stick with them. I was afraid the update would change the shoe but they felt great on. Thanks to Dad and Jane for the gift certificate so the receipt won't shock Kip nearly as bad. I need some new running clothes though because all my pants (no, not ready for shorts yet) are too big. OUCH! Thank goodness for bodyglide.

I am proud to report that Jo got back to crackin' and J stayed with it. The first week is always the hardest. Everyone at work is still crackin' and now all have their own books. We are going to start walking again at lunch and some people are going to attempt Hip Hop Abs after work. I hope all the crackers involved with IKE get back on track.

I did have a terrible experience this week on D day. I had wings and french fries. I went to Sam's afterwards. As I was paying, I felt my stomach start to rumble. I hurried to the car and raced to Target. Let's just say thank goodness the restrooms are in the front. Why did we like carbs?

Have a good weekend everyone and remember: Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels.
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On September 27, 2008 at 8:09 AM , Laura N said...

Hiya! Good to see you on my blog, thanks for commenting. I love this crack diet. The low carb friends site is way too much for me to keep up with, but it's nice to scan their posts once in a while and see how others are doing.

Are you friends with Jodie on Run JoJo Run?

Hope you have a good day.

On September 27, 2008 at 8:58 AM , Laura N said...

Oh, yeah, duh, I just saw her blog on your list, so I think I figured out that Jo is indeed, Run JoJo Run.

Congrats on your weight loss on the first 8 weeks!!!

On September 27, 2008 at 10:45 AM , fit little fiddle said...

That is odd how one can get dehydrated drinking so much! I totally know what you mean about running shoes. I'm hooked on one type too. I'm due for new ones again but ah the bargain hunter in me gets bad sticker shock!
Congrats on keeping with cracking so well!!!