Author: Jilligan
•5:42 PM
Well, I have finished my 8 weeks of crackin' and started week 9 (which is half of two, otherwise known as confusing). I am down 32 pounds, 33 inches, and 10% body fat. My doctor's appt. went well and I get to have blood tests done to see if I have lost enough weight to go off of my medicine. Today 6 people at work finished week 1. Altogether they lost 32 pounds. They were still tabulating inches so I will have to report that later.

Kip is home from the hurricane. He surprised Kallie at daycare and went to surprise Trevor at football practice. TJ hasn't seen him yet. We are glad to have him back and are proud of the work he did to help others. He has some great stories.

We finished, sort of, moving out of the house. Thankfully Jo and Bryan helped or I wouldn't have made it. J and I finished up Saturday and Sunday. We left some junk for Kip to get. The renters/buyers moved in today so I will be holding my breath until March. Now that we are done with that house I can finish the texture/paint job Jo started and left. Wonder if I can hold out until she comes back next time!

Time to take the boys to football practice. Have a good week everyone.
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On September 22, 2008 at 10:43 PM , Jodie said...

Congrats on the 8 weeks and all the loss. You look great!

Tell Kip thanks from all of us down here with power. I want to honk and cheer every time I see a power truck.

Maybe we'll be able to finish the job if we come out in October. We forgot to even get the paint!

On September 22, 2008 at 11:23 PM , Mel said...

Great job on the weight loss and being an inspiration to all of your co-workers and everyone here!