Author: Jilligan
•8:47 AM
Looking around the house this morning, I realized the one good thing about IKE is that I had to clean my house cause Jo is evacuating. I doubt she will stay here but it was enough to get the family motivated into helping me clean. Well, that and the threat of being grounded from anything and everything.

About the WOE, I don't like maintenance weeks. I want to get back to losing. Should I skip week 8 and get back to cracking? I would be able to join my friends around week 2 because they started this week. Any thoughts?

I did get new jeans yesterday. I first went in and got the next size down from what I was wearing. I could fit my whole fist in the pants with me and then some. I was so excited I even asked the worker for help. She brought me the next two sizes down. I am not sure what RedDaisy's snoppy dance looks like but I am pretty sure I was doing something close in the dressing room! I ended up going down 4 sizes from the jeans I HAD at home. I think I could have gone down one more size in the waist but my thighs required a bigger size. But there is always round 2 of cracking! Oh, and I tucked my shirt in this morning. What???

Today is my oldest son's first school football game. I took the day off to clean for the evac but got most of that done last night. I will get to go to his first pep rally this morning. Last night he informed me that a girl had asked him to homecoming and wanted to know if it was too late to get a mum. The lady that owns the flower shop lives across the street so I made him walk over and ask her. She had some pre-made and he wants me to pick one up today. Conversation went something like this: "Mom, I will pay." "Okay, how much do you have?" "$10 and lots of change." "Ugh, that won't even buy a mum your little sister would wear." "We are talking at least $50." "How serious are you about this girl" (FYI: We had never heard of her before yesterday afternoon). "Well, she is cute." End of conversation because I had to leave the room to keep my gag reflex in check.

Everyone in IKE's path is in our prayers. We will be glued to the news and waiting to hear from you all. Be safe.
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