Author: Jilligan
•11:10 AM
Another week is gone. I have done well this week. I really wanted to eat the entire house last night but had a school board meeting that took up a few hours and then got on the treadmill until time to go to bed. I won't weight again until next week but don't really feel much different.

I saw my knee doctor for what I hope will be the last time. The only restrictions that I have now are no kneeling, no stairs, no squatting, and limit bending to 90 degrees. You ask for how long and I say forever, Forever, FFFFFOOOOORRRRREEEEEVVVVEEEERRRRR. Not the best news but could be worse. I will continue the P90X with limits, I will continue the BFL workouts with modifications, and I will continue to run.

On another note, an old friend passed away yesterday. He was 39 years young. Autopsy results will be in today and everyone is questioning why. I have lots of mixed feelings about the whole thing. Feelings that won't be discussed here. But these feelings are what caused me to want to eat. In that regard, I was strong. I did not eat. I did not crawl in bed and hide. I did not rush to rescue everyone. I did what I needed. I exercised. I stuck to my meal plan. I talked about my feelings with a friend and with my husband. I felt better. I didn't sleep well but I can recover from that.

Spring break is starting at 3:45 today. We will be traveling alot but I look forward to the time with my kids and with my family. I will use this time for myself.
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On March 12, 2010 at 11:25 AM , Jodie said...

Great post. I know what you mean about eating - but I'm glad you did the treadmill instead. Nic and I went for a walk with Landon, then I was too exhausted to go to the kitchen. LOL.

Wish you were spending more time here next week, but hope y'all have fun til you get here.

On March 12, 2010 at 11:25 AM , Jodie said...

Oh, and great job on another week of progress.

On March 12, 2010 at 11:32 AM , Mel said...

Good job on another week of progress and putting yourself first! Especially when you were tested with a tough situation. Have a great Spring Break week.