Author: Jilligan
•7:03 AM
Well my travels brought me back to Austin again. This time is a completely different experience than the last. Two of our students received awards from UT through our migrant program. Thanks to TEA approval we were able to bring their families to share the experience. Many of you who are not involved in education may not understand the limited experiences that some students/people have had in their lives. Things that we take forgranted are things they think they will never see or do. For example, ordering from a restuarant. Even then they want to know where the $1 menu. None have been to a mall or a movie. First time to stay in a motel and today will be the first time they have been served breakfast cooked to order. First time to swim in a pool for some of them other than the swimming lessons we provide during summer school.

Last night was the first for Asian food. I tried to help them pick safe foods. Most of the 16 were happy and only one would openly express her distaste for her choice but was able to find something she liked. Luckily they had snacked all day so no one went hungry!

Later back at the pool, only one or two had swimsuits but no one seemed to mind that they got in with shorts and tshirts. I tried to get them to try the sauna but no one wanted to, they were afraid it would take their breath.

Today we were going to a march for Cesar Chavez but the kids asked to go to a mall instead. Tomorrow we are going to a museum, IMAX, the Capital, and some exhibits. Monday is the awards presentation, and Tuesday is the drive home.

I have learned alot about their lives and they have all survived things that I hope my own children never have to know. Not only have they survived but they are doing well. I am a better person for having known them and for being able to take this trip with them.
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