Author: Jilligan
•9:08 PM
I wasn't very today from yesterday's workout but as I sit here tonight getting caught up on facebook I can feel the soreness coming on. I love it. I know that I will need to work through these first few days of soreness and stick with it so I can make the changes I need to make.

I got my kickboxing workout in and 40 minutes on the treadmill. I started watching/listening to a movie last night while I was working out. I didn't allow myself to finish it unless I was on the treadmill. Tonight I only had a 40 minute workout but still have 10 minutes left of the movie. I am tempted to get back on the treadmill to finish it. I think it's a good tool. I never have time to sit and watch a full movie so if I can get two workouts in and one movie then it will work great.

Anybody have any good movie suggestions?
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