Author: Jilligan
•7:08 AM

Mornings around our place can go either way. Good intentions aren't always enough when you have an exhausted teenager and an opinionated 6 year old. The green kangaroo in the middle is pretty even.

However on this morning things look good in the world. I have traded my offensive alarm clock for a soothing rain storm cd. I have had my cup of yerba mate. I have the coffee ready. The kids are moving along at a steady pace. It's beautiful outside. Fall is in the air.

Today I will be in the office all day and that will be trying but I have prayed for everyone. Beyond that I can only control my actions. I will walk at lunch to avoid gossip. Plans people, you just have to have a plan of action to avoid the evils of discord.

I hope your day has started as wonderfully as mine. If you have other plans for the day don't bother ruining mine.

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