Author: Jilligan
•1:07 PM

I could say a lot about this week or I could say little about it but one thing is for sure, this has been a week. Diet and exercise has gone well. Family is great. Work is, well work, read a problem. Don't know what's going on. There are several things that could fix it. The stars could align, everyone could grow up, people could put on their big girl panties, or the devil could go somewhere else. Any one of my suggestions would help.

Back to the diet/exercise portion of the blog. Weight was down this morning but am still holding at 18 lost. I was bothered by it but am hoping the theory of "your body needs to adjust to a new setpoint" is at work here.  I have upped my exercise this week. We will see if that helps. I know I am doing better then I have in the past so that will be my focus.

I have the afternoon off because my kids got out of school early. Can't wait to enjoy the rest of the day and the weekend.

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On October 1, 2010 at 9:56 PM , Jodie said...

You're doing great. With all the things going on around you, it amazes me what you've done.

Keep it up.