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•7:46 AM

When you are on a "diet" these are the things you have to deal with. Besides the feeling of hunger or emptiness, you are constantly bombarded with advertisemnt for food. Commercials, radio spots, billboards, photos in magazine, and even texts. I get a weekly text from Sonic telling me about their deal of the week! Better unsubscribe to that one because it always seems like they have sensed my hunger and boom, send a text.

Additionally, I have things like Sunday dinner with the family, Muffins with Mom, and Bosses lunch.  I have gotten over the questions from the family but am struggling with the idea of the muffins and orange juice on Friday. Both of these items violate my diet but aside from that they skyrocket my bloodsugar.

Bloodsugar, that reminds me of the KrispyKreme fundraiser that I also dealt with this week.

What else is there? Oh right, the mexican bakery that sends a lady around with fresh baked goods every Tuesday. There was also a board meeting with authentic Mexican food, fried tortilla chips, and a fried tortilla dessert with cinnamon and sugar.

Yesterday I had to go to the mall so there was the smell from the pretzel stand, Starbuck's, and the cookie factory.

So you ask, how have a done with all of this? Great. Tomorrow marks one week on the WOE, no starches, no sugars, no wheat. 6.6 pounds gone, which is more then great because you know my relationship with the scale was very rocky on the last WOE-Conquer TF Loss.

Happy Thursday all. May the muffins survive tomorrow.

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On October 14, 2010 at 9:46 PM , Mel said...

Sounds like you are doing really well standing up to all the temptation! Keep up the good work and take it one thing at a time.