Author: Jilligan
•7:32 PM
Things I can do to make myself feel better include tackling a little bit of the house at a time. I need to go back and read FlyLady but I can declutter for 15 minutes and really make some progress. I can also run. I did 3 miles in my new running skirt. The waist is a little big but the hips fit great. Nothing was exposed today in this running skirt! I love the colors and I loved the boy shorts underneath with a little pocket. This was a reward for myself that I bought a little early. Besides Nike Tempo shorts it's the first piece of women's running clothes I have actually fit in and looked okay. I love this skirt! I can also eat right. Normally after a day like yesterday and today I would have gone straight to the cabinet. While I am "craving" something sweet and something salty, I haven't given in to those cravings. We have a wonderful bakery that brings fresh baked goods around in a van on Tuesday. That would have hit the spot. Since I started dieting, she hasn't called me to come out to the curb to buy from her in a while. I would have answered the call today. The girl scouts came around with some left over boxes. The caramel de-lights were calling my name. But I didn't answer. I made my dinner. I grilled my veggies. I can read a book. I got a great new book today that we are using for a book study at work. I can't remember the title but it's about sending 365 thank you notes. So far, very uplifting. I emailed an old friend. I am not much for talking in person but I love to write a good letter or email. I reached out to an old friend that I had dreamed about last night. That was a great way to deal with some emotions that I had today. See, if you were worried about me, I do have plans to deal with this depression that don't include food or self sabotage. I am working on things. Thanks for sticking with me.
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On April 5, 2011 at 8:31 PM , sandra said...

I just came in from my walk. Read my devotional book. The final sentiments: "Walk in the Light. Practice the discipline of thanksgiving."

Loved coming upstairs and finding your blog!