Author: Jilligan
•5:36 AM

I have this little twinge(Sandy, a limerick please) that I am going to ignore not in a "run through the pain" sort of way but more of a "I know you are there but I am ignoring you" sort of way.

I ran outside this morning ignored twinge on curb side, however I did try to run in middle of road mostly. Twinge, I am not talking about you but if I were I might say you are more of a tracking issue then an ITB issue. Maybe even a little bit like fluid under my kneecap around my non-meniscus but we aren't talking about you, remember, Twinge.

After reading this you may still be questioning my mental state! Ha. I got a good restful night of sleep. The scale rewarded my good behavior this morning. I stayed on track yesterday with no emotional eating.

A good morning has got to translate into a good day especially if I can find somewhere to ditch this twinge. Maybe in an ice bath or maybe by the stim machine!

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On April 6, 2011 at 10:39 AM , sandra said...

I’m ignoring you – you little twinge
The one where my leg has to hinge
You won’t get me down
I won’t even frown
But I’m telling you – you make me cringe