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A day off from work, baseball, and family. I love holidays especially when they involve long weekends. I slept late, got to eat lunch with my husband, and now we are watching triathlons on TV. Just what I needed to get refreshed and ready to finish out the school year. Life will be crazier than ever with senior class activities, multiple proms, and state testing. Buckle up and hang on for the ride.

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•9:59 AM
Spring break is complete and now we are in it for the long haul until summer.  Testing is revving up and kids are getting anxious for all the spring activities.  We just finished senior pictures for the oldest.  We have a college visit on Friday and are shopping for a "new" vehicle.  Where has the time gone?

Baseball is in full swing and once again, it is so nice to have both boys on the same team for the same school.  The team is doing really great this year and hopefully we will end our oldest's senior year on a winning note.

The youngest is playing Little Dribblers and has a few more tournaments left before the season is over.  She really seems to like basketball this year and would love to find a team to play with over the summer.  She is not going to play softball this year and wants to take some gymnastics or cheer classes instead.  She has made lots of plans about taking over her brother's room when he graduates so that may consume her summer.

The hubby and I are hanging on and hope to still like each other when the kids are gone.  We tried going on a date this week but ended up with the youngest.  The boys called the whole time we were gone so I don't think we were successful at dating.  Maybe we will try again in a year or two.

I hope your life is as full as ours and you enjoy the time you have with your children and your family.  It's not guaranteed and could be over any second.  Enjoy life while you can.

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•2:11 PM
I am being punished.  I have been faithful to my diet for weeks.  Today I had a lick of chocolate icing.  My stomach is cramping and I feel like I might explode.  I think I must be allergic and that's what has caused my hips to swell for years.  I regret eating the icing, no matter how delicious it tasted.  I guess I will stick with my diet and ignore the chocolate cake, especially the icing.
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•10:52 AM
Today I am supposed to be at an expo for a marathon I was going to run with my sister.  I will soon have plenty of race bibs to create a collage of non-run races for this year.  40 hasn't been what I planned for it to be.

Instead of spending this weekend with my sister preparing to "enjoy" 26.2 miles of running, I will spend time with my family. Currently the wind is blowing 28 mph with gusts of 41 or higher.  That means track meets and baseball games must be played!  We are hosting a track meet today that starts at 4:00.  I am also the administrator for a baseball game that starts at 5:00.  One son is running track today (broken hand) and the other is playing baseball.  My DH will take the track meet and I will take the baseball game since my job assigned me to it.  Our oldest is pitching again so we hope for a great game.  Tomorrow will be filled with little dribbler's basketball.  Both boys are reffing(not sure if that's a word) 7 games tomorrow and my daughter will play 2 games.  So we have a marathon this weekend of a different sort.

This is the hardest time of year for school administrators in my opinion.  Time to start looking ahead at next year's staff and making plans to move in the direction.  That means some hard meetings with teachers and coaches.  These meetings don't always turn out easy.  With FB and Twitter, administrators are instantly trashed and become the bad guys.  Fun times in the days and weeks ahead.  Just have to keep in mind that we work for the kids and have to do what's in their best interest.
Break is over so I better get back to work.  More meetings on the schedule.
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•11:27 AM
Another week has flown by and we have made it to Friday already.  We are busy as always with basketball for my daughter and baseball for the boys.  My husband started a new job with the same company so he is dealing with a learning curve at work.  He had been working two jobs recently for a little extra money but has decided he can't get enough sleep doing that.  The boys are both working so we are planning lots of schedules and trying to get everyone where they need to be.  What a crazy life!

We are still living in the RV during the week.  I am still battling whatever it was that sent me to the dr in December.  I have started some medication on a trial basis to see if I can get any relief from my symptoms.  It is expensive but insurance finally decided to cover some of the cost so that helps.  I do find some relief and hope things will continue to get better.  I have had to miss several races that I had paid for but I would rather do that and get better than make myself worse or cause anymore suffering to my body.

Diet is going well and I am slowly losing the weight I need.  I read a great article yesterday and it made me refocus on my journey and not my destination.  Things are moving right along in our world and I hope they are in yours as well.

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•11:08 AM
We have embarked on a new adventure around here.  RV living!  The kids and I are staying in a small RV during the week in an effort to save time and money traveling back and forth to school.  We were spending at least 10 hours a week in the car, not to mention the time wasted in my office waiting for practice to be over.  Now we have a place in town to stay overnight or to sit during practice.  It's been an adventure, with frozen water, running out of propane, broken pipes, etc.  We are learning a lot.  We have spent most evenings at the table playing cards or backgammon.  The boys have their xbox and this week we discovered the library has movies to check out.  If the temperature dips below 0, we head home but if not we just brave it!  We have learned to heat water in the microwave for a quick rinse and to shower at night before it drops below freezing.  I think we are managing quite well.  Some nights if I am lucky, I can convince my daughter to sleep in my bed which means her little dog climbs in as well.  Those are the warmest nights because he loves to snuggle.  I will gladly deal with her kicking and teeth grinding as long as I get the pup! 
I hope the kids look back on this time with fond memories and realize the sacrifices we are making for them.  I hope RV living provides them with extra time to spend with their friends, on school, or playing cards with their family.  And I hope I remember why I am doing it also, especially on mornings like today and yesterday when the windchill was -6.  Brrr, it's cold outside!
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New year's eve was the first day of my WOE plan. (Way of eating) I survived a stressful appointment,  a close basketball game, and new years eve party. I am sore from working out. I stayed on track despite stressful events that would have sent me into comfort eating. I brought in the new year in a healthy way. I ate my lucky peas. We are almost back home with all our guests safely delivered.

Looking forward to another year. What do you have in store for me 2014?