Author: Jilligan
•6:24 PM
Scale was up again this morning. I didn't even have a full fledged free day. I gave up dt soda yesterday. I have been without now for two days. I am staying under my calorie allotment. I am getting my calorie burn in daily. I am getting frustrated. I know it can't come off quickly but I want it to at least come off and not hop back on the next day. I will finish out Conquer the Fat Loss this week. Not sure but I think I am going to BFL next week. It really makes the most sense. It is a plan I can continue forever. I was really successful with it before. I can be successful again. I don't have much to blog about. Lots of emotional stuff going on with me but nothing I want to share. Just thought I better let everyone know I am riding the roller coaster of life. I don't expect the ride to stop anytime soon but I am looking for a smooth patch.
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