Author: Jilligan
•7:03 PM
What is the goal really? Is there just one? Are they big or small goals?

I posted yesterday that I was a little disappointed by the lack of results I was seeing with the WOE I am currently working with. But at the same time, I am rational about the amount of time this plan of mine will take. All this being said, I have been thinking about the goals I have set for myself. I have several and I hope that all of them combined will help me reach the biggest one-good health.

My goals:

  1. Conquer the Fat Loss Code for 8 weeks (currently on week 6)

  2. Reach my initial calorie burn goal of 2100 daily and increase it by 500 every week.

  3. Lose 32 pounds by the end of Christmas break

  4. Lose 80 pounds overall (no time period in mind)
  5. Become a runner again
  6. Lower my blood sugar to a normal level
  7. Find my way to a healthy life.

But all these are really big goals in and of themself. I can't focus on one without focusing on them all. Each of them will work together to help me reach the ultimate goal. I can't let them overwhelm me. Now to find the path that will lead me to each one of them.

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