Author: Jilligan
•5:53 PM
So this week starts 3 weeks of the strictest part of this WOE. It is also the most complicated of the 8 week cycle. Fats up, carbs zero or carbs down, fats down, or fats down, carbs baseline all of which means nothing if you haven't read Crack the Fat or Conquer the Fat. I was a lot more impressed with the writing and editing of the 2nd book until I got to the diet plans this week. I think once again, Chant rushed to press with this one. I know, she was on her death bed and has since passed but it seems to me, if she was the diet guru she claimed to be, she wouldn't want false information on the market. Furthermore, her "diet partner" whom I never heard of until she passed away, is shoving more nonsense down the throat of dieters now in an attempt to make money off of her company. It's all unfortunate because the Crack program had lots of followers. The books were hard to find, the blogs were on fire, and the company was really seeing success. I am sure the same would have been true of Conquer if Chant had lived long enough to promote the book.

I will continue to follow it through the last three weeks but I haven't seen a lot of progress with the plan. I have been true to it overall, with just a few minor slip-ups. I am still ahead of my weight loss goals but haven't seen the scale move significantly in a while. I am committed to the process but just not sure this is the right path for me.
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On September 14, 2010 at 12:18 PM , Jodie said...

Good luck - DYB!