Author: Jilligan
•1:23 PM
I have been under the weather for a few days but feel like I am on the mind. Day 3 of antibiotics must be working. I have been able to stay within my calorie range during the "sickness" and have barely gotten my calorie burn. I figure I may have burned more through the fever but who knows! I haven't weighed every day this week. I am sort of willing to treat this week as a wash and not worry about the scale as long as it hasn't gone up. The one good thing was that I didn't try to make myself feel better by eating. Even when my mouth was broken out in blisters, I was worried about eating yogurt or drinking cranberry juice for fear of the effect it might have on my diet. That may seem extreme but it was necessary because sometimes, one wrong thing can send me into a binge.

I have done fairly well for nearly 5 weeks. I want things to happen quicker then they are but I know that's not what's best. I am just going to make it to the Christmas holidays and then re-evaluate my plan. I can do it. It's only 4 months and I hope 32 pounds.

Drink your water, take your vitamins, and wash your hands. This flu is a bad one and is starting early.
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