Author: Jilligan
•6:21 PM
Today started out terribly. I had to take two of the three kids to school which isn't any big deal except one of them can't be dropped off until 7:30. If I don't leave town by 7:15, I am late to work. See the problem, at least the first one anyway. The 2nd one was that my daughter didn't pick out any clothes last night, plus it was pe day and she didn't know where her shoes were. So yes, as the worst parent in the world, I lost it. I was beyond upset. As I was searching her room for clothes and shoes, she decided she wanted to wear her cheerleading suit which has been missing since dress up day. So we had to look for that, shoes, and socks. Then after all of this, I go back to the living room and my son is relaxing in the lazy boy while I am screaming my head off. No, it never occurred to him to get up and help.

All of this put me really behind for work which left me with no time for breakfast. I met back up with my DH to get some cash and went for the compulsive eating purchase. I bought a bag of pretzels. Carbs always help, right? I made it about ten miles down the road and texted my support group. They told me to step away from the carbs. I decided to take their advice.

And the day got better. And I survived. And my daughter forgot about my rant. And my son was helpful again by this afternoon. And the day was okay.
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On September 3, 2010 at 10:34 PM , Jodie said...

Glad you made it through the day. Every step is a choice...and today you choose the right path.

HOpefully you'll have some time to relax this weekend.

Good job today.