Author: Jilligan
•7:24 PM
I don't really know who reads my blog anymore. Occasionally I get a comment on the blog or an email about it but you never know who is stalker. Anyway, some things have happened this past week that have made me stop and think about my own life. I want to write about the feelings I am having but am afraid I might hurt someone's feelings. Even though it would mend my feelings, it isn't worth the hurt it might cause.

I just want to say, I am very sorry about the death of a father, a fellow co-worker who passed away after a long battle with leukemia. This was a welcomed death to this man. Although it saddens his family, he has been suffering for a long time and was ready to die. On the other hand, my brother in law lost his father unexpectedly. One minute he was alive and the next minute he was gone. This death was not welcomed, not anticipated, not wanted but it came anyway. My brother in law's life will greatly be affected by this death. In the immediate, it is heartbreaking and emotionally and in the long term, who knows how his father's death will impact him.

We have all dealt with death. It seems like only yesterday when we were in the ER waiting news about my grandmother after the accident. And it seems like not long before that we were trying to keep my grandfather alive. I miss them both so much. Their deaths greatly affected my life.

I know I am rambling but I am trying to gather my thoughts as I type. These recent deaths have made me consider the people in my life and the impact their death might have on it. Some would cause heartbreak, some despair, some loneliness, and some well, maybe my life wouldn't change at all. That's the sad part to me. People in my life who should play an important if not major part. People in my children's lives who should play an important part. How would our lives be changed if death suddenly became a part of it?

We never know when death will take us. But we do know that we have the time right now to impact another person's life. Is there someone's life you need to impact? Will anyone grieve when you are gone?
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