Author: Jilligan
•5:22 PM
Today has been a better day. Urges to eat are under control, hunger is at an okay level. Of course, it is always easier when I am stuck at work with no option of having or getting food. Sure I could leave and get something but then everyone in my office would know I was binge eating. I had my morning snack on schedule. I had my planned lunch. I ate my afternoon snack when I was hungry again. I drank my water. I think I am doing okay today.

My DS has a basketball game so the streaking will be late tonight. I thought about walking at lunch but had a meeting that went a little long plus the wind is out of control. Thought part of the roof blew off earlier.

My dear friend made a special supper for me to eat on the road that is diet safe. So I think I will make it through today without a food issue. One day at a time is good for now. Once this day is successfully behind me, I can work on tomorrow.
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