Author: Jilligan
•10:02 AM

This morning I asked my DH to intervene. Yesterday at lunch he said, "Are you supposed to have that on your salad?" And I said,"Yes, I am going to try it and see what it does to my weight."

I knew what that one bite of cheese might do but I wanted it. I also didn't want someone telling me what to do or what to eat. I wanted to be in charge of myself and my own food.

But no matter how much I lie about the food in my day, the scale always tells me the truth. And the truth today was a gain of .6 pounds. Some of you may not think that's much but it's a set back for me. Especially when it was a dab of salad dressing and a pinch of cheese that caused it.

My diet right now is very limited. A list of just a few foods. My DH knows the list, my kids know the list, even the people at my work know the list.

So getting to the reason that it may cause a divorce. I have asked my DH and I ask all of you, if you see me eating something that is not on my list, please ask me to quit lying to myself. I may hate it and it may make me mad but it's what I think I need.

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