Author: Jilligan
•8:14 PM
Wow, who knew when MA challenged me to become a streaker that so many other people would join. Of course, I can't let MA beat me. I just wish we were able to run together. And then there's my DH, it's personal and I can't lose that one. Then what's become the old ladies against the young, which is really just one generation of cousins battling another with a few aunts and friends thrown in. Then T.J. joined for a family challenge. So it's become something big and something I look forward to.

It's not just about streaking. It's not just about the mile. It's not about the competition. It's about all of that and more. It's also about the feeling of accomplishing something daily. It's about the feeling you get from doing something good for your body. It's about the friendly banter between the participants. It's about the occasional falls. It's about the stray dogs. Down the road, I bet it will include some shared miles, lots of shared laughs, and a healthy habit for us all if we are up to the challenge.

Once when something very scary had happened to MA I asked her if she wanted to start running with me. Who knows why she said yes? Maybe it was to take her mind off of what she had been through. Maybe it was to prove she was strong again. Whatever the reason, she saved me when she said yes. I needed to run. I needed to know that each morning someone would be waiting on me, rain or shine, warm or cold, long or short. There were lots of hard days that first year as there will be with this challenge. We started running around the pond 1/4 mile at a time. We made it through lots of things by running or at least I did.

Once again MA saved me through running. She issued this challenge to me. She knew I would hate to lose. She knew I wanted to start running again to prepare for a 1/2 marathon. Even though miles separate us know, miles will also bring us back together. The miles will bring us all together. I thank her and I thank you all.

MED 2011, see you down the road.
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