Author: Jilligan
•7:52 PM
My Garmin died today. My husband said it wouldn't come on for him this morning and now it is laying lifeless beside my computer. It won't come on, it won't charge, nothing.

What? I just heard a beep from it. Yes, you can do it. It is back on. Who knows what is going on? I have been sitting here talking to it. Coaxing it to please work. I have looked at the website for support. Searched my running material for a receipt. As I was beginning this blog, I thought I will try to get it to charge one more time. And before I could finish the blog it was back on. Good thing I have already changed to my running clothes. I better sign off and head out before it dies again.

Maybe one day I will try running for the sake of running but for now I am a data gathering running fool.

See ya!
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