Author: Jilligan
•8:57 PM

Although it wasn't dead, it did not have enough juice to go for a run. Based on the last few runs I can get nearly a half mile in every 5 minutes. Since my garmin was brain dead and my phone was also, I opted for that run just for the sake of running. Well, sort of. I set my watch for 5/1 intervals and pushed during the runs so I felt like I getting .5 everytime. I ran the first 1.5 on a route I sort of knew was that far based on a run DD and I did. I also knew my son was there and I needed a ride to a bathroom quick. So quick I was about to opt for the ditch until I saw a trucker trying to get parked for the night.

After DS took me to the grocery to use the restroom(I just had him drop me off), I headed back along the same path towards home. Just for good measure I added a 1/2 mile I knew to be accurate.  All in all I ran for 35 minutes. Probably not quite 3 but maybe it was close.

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