Author: Jilligan
•5:57 PM

It is not the smartest thing to start a 9 mile run at 3:30. It was 85, overcast, and stormy looking. I had the youngest with me so she loaded up the basket on her bike and we headed out. My DH was working at the ag barn so I had planned to run until daughter was worn down and then drop her off with him. We made it 1.5 miles before she was ready to go to her dad. However, after changing routes to get there she decided to stay with me.

To get 9 miles in while in town you can either see lots of the same or lots of the town. We opted for town. I tried to find sidewalk for her, middle ground for me. We avoided as many hills as possible and had to avoid two dogs. DD made it 6 miles. After about 5, she walked her bike during my walking break. I got her settled at the house to wait on her brother. I went out to finish the last 3.

I don't know if it was the break when I went in the house. Or if it was because the last loops passed by the house. Or if it was the fact that the temp went up 13 degrees from when I started. Whatever it was, I had nothing left in the legs after 7.

I called for my oldest to bring home some ice and I laid on the drive-way to wait. I know 7 is not 9 but I will take it.

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