Author: Jilligan
•10:44 PM

Technically they are but tonight the distance and time seemed to pass quickly even though I walked my 3 miles. My legs are beat. First day back to school with teachers and I bet I walked a marathon today trying to appease everyone. We do breakfast and lunch everyday this week for the teachers. Its nice but it takes a lot of work to pull it all off. Today we also had a guest speaker. I am thankful to all the help we had today but I am not sure I delegated enough.

I wore my small dress and got lots of compliments. Tomorrow will be a district wide meeting so that will be another long day. Shouldn't be as much walking for me but it will be hectic until 1:00.

Tonight DD and I walked the dogs. We went a mile before the puppy was tired and DD was bored. I took them home and headed out to do my 3. For no particular reason I decided to walk it. I may count it or a may trade Wednesday's rest day and make it up. I have 5 on schedule tomorrow. If I sleep better then I have been I am going to go back to mornings. Seeing as how it is almost 11:00, it probably won't happen tomorrow.

I haven't mentioned weight in a while. I was able to remain pretty steady over the summer months. I am down from May but not really where I thought I would be. Don't get me wrong I am where I deserve to be. There is no finish line in this race though. So I must keep moving forward on this journey of health.

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On August 16, 2011 at 9:22 AM , MrsPro said...

So hard to get everything in at the end of summer/start of school. So much for a mother to do to get everyone ready and in your case everyone is really everyone, kids, teachers, etc. You do such a great job keeping everything on track BRAVO! Your next treat needs to be new work deserve it and NEED them as well.