Author: Jilligan
•10:07 PM

I could breath tonight. I ran through puddles. I kicked mud up on my legs. My oldest had a scrimmage tonight and it sprinkled off and on for about an hour. Just enough to get the umbrella out and then it would stop long enough to put the umbrella up. Up and down for an hour. As soon as it was over we went under the bleachers to gather everyone up to go eat and it started pouring. Soon the bleachers and the field cleared. I would guess we were in a heavy downpour and rain delay for over 30 minutes. We finally braved the wind and left before the next game ever started. Crazy!

I had a good clean day of eating. Resisted danishes, chocolate, brownies, banana bread, sopas, and everything else. Took my salad for lunch and my fruit for snack. It was a very stressful day at work due to some training/technology issues all over the school district. I literally did not sit down for longer then 5 minutes until 2:00.

I wanted to run but my legs said no. I wanted to run but no one was home to watch the youngest. I wanted to run but I thought about eating. I put on my workout clothes. I laced up my shoes. I called DH and asked him to come home so I could run. I needed 5 but was aiming for at least 3. I know if I can get 2 then I feel fine after that. I ran away from the house figuring the further I could get the further to get back. I didn't take my phone so no chance to call for a ride. I got my 5 in just barely. But I got it in. It was a good pace. And thanks to the rain and the humidity it was an easy 5. I wanted to run so I did. Did you?

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