Author: Jilligan
•9:16 PM

I did my best to stay on the park trail and I made it for 10 miles but then I ran out of daylight. I came home and changed out of my trail shoes and headed back out. I tried to avoid hills but it was just too boring. I got 14 in and ran out of brain power.
I came back to the house and asked for some help to finish the last 4. My DH hopped on his bike and off we went. I had plans to doing the boring half mile loop 8 times but really just wanted to quit. No reason really just wanted to quit. So instead of the half mile loop I just headed away from the house. It meant a few more hills and that may have been my downfall. I made it out one mile and turned around and made it back in another mile. I still wanted to turn towards the house but knew I would be disappointed. We turned away from the house to get another mile but that's all I had in me. Knee started really bothering me. I made it to the house with 17 miles registered.

So analysis: knees sore and being iced, back sore and has heating pad, bottom of feet strangely sore and that's all.

No school tomorrow so I will be able to make it to chiropractor and I should have time to actually follow his advice and run on the alter G.

Found a great clearance sale at a local sporting good store and my DH bought me some adidas marathon shorts. Love them and they have a cute little running icon on them.

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