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24thehardway-6 Hour Race in Pictures

Staging my bag at the campsite.

Last minute thoughts and motivation before heading to the start.
Campsite with nice signs that Kallie had made.  We had a great spot for our awning.
What have I gotten myself into?  About to start the race. 
Darn mosquitoes.  They were the size of a small dog. 
This is my favorite picture but I wish my tongue wasn't sticking out.

First time I was able to think about having food.  Even though it looks like I might not keep it down in this picture!  Peanut butter sandwich and chips from the aid station. Oh, and see my blanket in the background that they had hung up to motivate me.   
Trying to sit up straight for the picture but as you can see above, she already had the ugly shot.
Running strong now.
Looking much better now after a pep talk from "Arthur Itis".  He was doing a 27 hour race.

Staking my flag.

Congrats from Ultra Runner Woman.

Mom and Shirley's sophisticated tally system

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