Author: Jilligan
•6:14 PM
I forgot to mention that I got my race skirt in.  I had to wash it first because it had a terrible smell to it.  Still can smell it after so may have to wash it again.  I love the colors.  It is made by Running Funky.  We went with the super hero print for the skort and the lightning print for the compression shorts.  I had a blue shirt that matched it but it was sleeveless.  I found another one today at Target.  I really want some knee highs to wear but haven't found any close and don't want to pay more for shipping then I am paying for the socks.  I still have a little while to work out the sock issue.  I didn't think I would like running in knee highs but I really do.  I will try to get a picture of the skirt.  Aside from the smell, my only other complaint is the fullness of the skirt.  It is really a fuller cut then I am used to.  Glad I got the medium(uh hum)! 
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