Author: Jilligan
•10:08 PM
Tried my new running skirt tonight.  Creases were much better.  I loved the daisy print but I am thankful to the people at Skirt Sports for the replacement skirt which is a great purple print.  I emailed begging my case for a replacement, return, or other helpful information regarding the crease.  They were kind enough to mail me a new skirt and a shipping label to return the other skirt.  The only thing I can tell that might have caused a problem was a small catch in the seam.  What great customer service!

Long run this weekend was 12.  I got 10.  I got sick to my stomach.  Not really, "I need a bathroom now" sick but just upset stomach sick.  Definitely didn't fuel myself properly over the weekend.  I do great with my fruits and veggies during the week but the weekend is another story.  Plus we were at the boys stock show this weekend so way too much soda and not enough water.  Also, very little sleep.  Overall, the run was good.  Legs felt fine.  Lungs were good.  Nose ran a lot. Weather was nice.  It got too dark on me to stay on the trail so I had to finish on the road. 

20 days until OKC 6 hour race. 
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