Author: Jilligan
•9:19 PM
Stomach virus-gone. Bloody head-gone (at least the blood part). First run of the week-gone. PreTAKS jitters-almost gone.

Anybody want a dog? My son and I are always wanting to get a dog. My husband always says no. I always get one anyway. Then I have to find a way to get rid of it. My husband said this time we have to keep the dog to learn our lesson. That was until he changed his mind today and said in a really nice voice, "GET RID OF THAT DOG!!!!!!!!" So we have a mini daschund that is about 10 weeks old, registered male, sable head, brown and black body. Let me know if you are a sucker like me.

We ran 2.6 miles tonight at break neck speed-at least for me. I usually run 12 minute miles when I am out by myself. My husband agreed to run my 3/1 pattern with me tonight but little did I know that we would have to run it at a 10 minute pace. I think he upped my life insurance today before we went out to run. Better investigate that before I agree to run with him again. We were supposed to run 3-4 miles tonight but ended up back at the house in 2.6. Since we left all the kids so we could go run together, it was easy to convince each other to stop .4 short.

The weather here was wonderful today. Diet was so-so. Doctor's appointment tomorrow so I am hoping for some good news.

@ 15 days to closing. I love that house but am accepting that we have moved on. Please let it sale! Gotta close up to finish watching my new favorite show, Ax Men!
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