Author: Jilligan
•2:31 PM
Oh my goodness! It is cold here. Winds are still blowing with gusts up to 65 mph. I can't tell if it is snowing or just blowing. Wind chill is in the single digits. My DH went out around 3:00 am to start work on downed power lines. School was still on this morning but my oldest child who never gets sick...was sick. He really goes down hard when he does get sick. High temps, rash, chills, with strep. Even with meds we can't get the temp under 102. He can't go back to school until Monday so I thought it was perfect to stay home with him and out of the blizzard like conditions. Several people called to tell me they didn't think I should go to work cause they couldn't see the road and couldn't drive over 5 mph. It didn't take much for them to talk me into it.

I had to venture out twice. Once to talk the other son to school and once to replenish the juice and pain reliever. Too bad I forgot to get the meds and the toilet paper. Looks like I will have to head out again later. Hopefully my hubby will get to come home this afternoon and maybe I can talk him into it.

As far as running, I got in three miles last night before the storm hit. Believe it or not, it was 75 degrees yesterday. My middle son went with me and we did a tour of town again. We try to find interesting things along the way. Yesterday we found a bouncy ball and then a spoon. We had been bouncing the ball back and forth. I tried to get him to pick up the spoon and see how far he could carry the ball on the spoon. We ran down by the train tracks and he kicked the ball into some grass. It was a green ball and was lost to us forever. Sometimes we also play the alphabet game when we run. I love having the kids involved in something healthy that we can do as a family.
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