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"I have fought the good fight. I have finished the race." Too dramatic? Okay. We finished the marathon relay. I will put pictures up later. Right now it is super early and my camera is upstairs. I have to plan my trips upstairs very strategically since yesterday's run so going only to get the camera is not gonna happen. But I digress, Lucky Trails was a great place to run. We had our two teams and thank goodness there wasn't much trash talk cause the boys beat us by an hour. Of the real legs of the relay I had the slowest time but made it under my post-surgery goal. We didn't have our fourth runner to finish the relay. We debated about several ways to remedy the situation. My husband said he would run two legs but I didn't want him to get hurt before our goal race in April plus we were only scheduled for 7 not 13! My now 3 person team said we would all run it together just slowly. In the end we decided that wouldn't be fair to the 3rd leg who would have just finished running. I had been sitting for a while and think it might have been better to run the legs together. Anyway, my sister waited at the exchange and I went down the trail a little ways. We took off down the course in a slow run/walk pattern. I made it through the butterfly garden and up to the road. I had the first water stop in sight but my ITBand wasn't having anymore of this stupid plan. My awesome sister said she could do it. You go! (Yes, she is medicated!)

I thought my dad was bringing my stepmom over to meet us so I continued to walk to the prearranged place. And yes, I was doing the stiff leg ITBand walk. Dad passed by honking and waved. What? Please stop! He did and I shuffled over to the pickup. (Did I crawl?) We took off to the meeting place quickly because he had gotten a text from my sister but was confused by where she was already at. My stepmom had planned to run back in with her to finish up the last 2 miles. My dad said he was just going to tackle her and rip her shoe off so my stepmom could just run with her chip. We convinced him that was cheating and could get us kicked out FOREVER. They finised the race for our team. When they crossed the finish line, the announcer called out our name, "Three Cowgirls and a Stud" and of course the medal people wanted to know where the Stud was so we had to explain that he was a dud and the Cowgirls had to carry the team. They were all women so of course they understood! JK, kind of!

So JoJo ran 13, GJ and I ran @ 9. You better believe we had our NIKE + on so we could get credit for those miles and those calories!!!

BTW, my 9 and 13 year old boys both ran their 6.5 in under an hour and they hadn't run more than a mile in training. The sickening part, they played soccer all afternoon after the race. I hate being old.
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On March 16, 2009 at 11:57 PM , Mel said...

Sorry I missed the race but it sounds like you guys did great!