Author: Jilligan
•4:13 PM
Just as one was getting well another one went down. My daughter started feeling bad Saturday night. Fever, earache, drainage, and sore throat. We couldn't get to the dr. until today which meant two sleepless nights due to the ear pain. It wasn't strep and the ear pain was just from the drainage in her throat so that's better than I expected to hear. We got two prescriptions, one didn't get mixed so I had to go back to pharmacy to get it fixed. Finally got home 6 hours later. We have gone through two bottles of fever reducer this weekend between the two kids. Hopefully the third child will stay healthy!

My diet grocery money went to dr. visit, rx, jello, juice, popsicles, kleenex, motrin, vapor rub, and the like. Oh, and she had to have new pjs to make her feel better. Oh well guess I will have to survive on protein shakes. Maybe my DH will cut me some slack and up my allowance! Guess that would mean I would have to do my chores.
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