Author: Jilligan
•2:03 PM
Yesterday we had a blizzard (by West Texas standards) but today we have warmer temps and most of the snow is melted. I went out for a 7 mile run in shorts and long sleeve shirt. The wind was high 20+ mph and the temp was okay in the 30s. I tried to get my DH to take a picture of me in shorts with the water hose doing my cool down in the yard with the snow behind me. I think he wanted to say that I was lucky he came out to turn the hose on and off but not to expect him to get a camera out also. At least that's what I read from the look on his face. I did have my son bring me some coffee to drink while I did the 15 minute hose treatment.

My plans for the day include making a nice big poster with my SBSA schedule on it so I can hang it up somewhere near my target outfit. I need constant visual support to get this accomplished. I also want to knock out some major housework so that I can do light up keep and not worry about the house for the next few months (okay 8 months) required for training.

Please, I am counting on you all for some major support in this marathon endeavor. I have talked about running one for a few years but always came up with excuses. Now as my health/life depend on improvements, I really want to commit to running one. I already forked over the registration. I have the hotel rooms. I have the schedule. I have the new treadmill. I have the knowledge. I have or will make the time. I have the support. (Right?) Now it is just a matter of doing it.
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On March 28, 2009 at 11:37 PM , Mel said...

You go girl! I am behind you 100%. You can do anything you set your mind to.