Author: Jilligan
•11:43 PM
My IPOD started freaking out on the second leg of the marathon relay last Sunday. It would speed through songs and change randomly. I got my distance measured and calories accounted for on that run before it went out completely. Today I got it out to strap back up to my Nike + since we were heading outside for a run but it wouldn't work. I had been using it with my treadmill so I thought maybe the Nike + had gone bad even though it was fairly new. So tonight my husband was trying to get himself into Jo's challenge and we were having to update our IPODs cause they are/were both connected to another computer. Turns out mine was corrupted and I had to restore everything. Which means I lost all my workout data, all my music, and all my movies that I had bought from ITUNES. If anyone out there understands how to get all that back even though I bought it on another computer, please help. It makes me mad to pay $10 for a movie only to lose it when my IPOD or computer crashes. I think it should be in your account forever. I will have to work on it all later.

As for running, I got in at least 7 and no more than 8. I did 4 on the treadmill and what I thought was 4 outside but my husband told me the new course is short so maybe I only ran 3 outside. I must have my IPOD/NIKE + back.
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