Author: Jilligan
•10:22 AM

Two 5Ks within 6 days of each other is unheard of around these parts! But it with one in Houston and one back home, or at least in driving distance, I managed to get them done. I also improved my time by over 2 minutes.

Sunshine placed 5th in is age group. DH placed 6th and I placed 12th. In both of their races 30 seconds separated the first 5 places. DH said he wished it was like a tri where ages were written on runners calves so he would know who was worth passing. Jo told me to tell him everyone is worth passing!

After the early race, I got to take a long long nap. Then Baby girl had a softball game. Then Train had to get some driving hours in so we headed out for supper and a little shopping.

Great weekend so far.

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