Author: Jilligan
•10:00 AM

This weekend is a baseball weekend which means my DH has spent a lot of time at the fields because we are hosting the tournament. This morning instead of a long run with me he had to go work on some lights. Since the field is right by the country club I thought I could sneak my long run in on the course before the golfers got out.

Yesterday in a state of stupidness, I ran at noon. It was barely under 100 with no breeze. To continue with the stupid theme, I decided to change my run/walk pattern. I held on for two miles. I was delirious the 3rd mile. I made it back to the house somehow, angry with myself, with my running, and with my stupidity.

Today it was 75 when I started and 84 when I finished. I could run under the shade of the trees at times. I had a bathroom. I had a place to refill my water. I went back to an easy 3/1 pattern. I loved running. Everything was good with the only exception being a blister from yesterday's heat that I forgot to bandage today. It's a bloody mess but I'll take it.

I love running, at least for today. And since I am taking it one day at a time, I'll take that too.

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