Author: Jilligan
•10:30 PM
Today I had a workshop which meant I could squeeze an extra 30 minutes of sleep in this morning. Which also meant no morning run. Oh well, the baseball games tonight were early and the temperature was going to stay under 100 so I knew I could squeeze the run in. Since my daughter and I had spent two nights staying up watching Charlie's Angels reruns, I was tired.

After the game I knew if I sat down I wouldn't get up to run so got my running clothes on, put up a little laundry, got the kids settled, and headed out. It was a nice 82 degrees with no wind to speak of. Thank goodness because we have had fires all last night and today so I was afraid the smoke would be bad. Headed out on an easy 3/1 pace. Avoided hills the first mile and settled in for a nice little 3. I also wanted to try out a patriotic shirt I was thinking of wearing for Saturday's 10K. Under Armour that I really like but worried the symbol will be hot and the shirt will be short. It was okay.

I had been freezing my water bottle which would typically melt early but not tonight. I had this huge chunk of noisy ice to carry for 3 miles. I looked at every sprinkler I passed thinking I could get some more water to melt it but they were all fine sprays and would have soaked my handheld carrier. Oh well, at least the birds, skunks, dogs, and possums could hear me coming! Ka dunk, ka dunk, ka dunk!

All in all, the weather was great. The lungs felt great. Legs were okay. Clothes great. Blister fine. So I went ka dunk, ka dunk, ka dunk all the way home.
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